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Norvell Hillside Chapel tents are the only metal frame tents that one man can erect with ease. Each piece of the frame is interchangeable and will fit any place. Frames are available in galvanized high-carbon steel tubing or heavy-wall aluminum. Optional powder-coated frames are available. All frames have cast steel fixtures which are guaranteed.

Norvell Hillside Chapel tents are all built on a hinged-construction basis. This gives many advantages no other metal frame tent offers:

#1 ¡ª Ease of erection. One man can erect a Norvell Hillside Tent anywhere he can stand or drive a stake.

#2 ¡ª More wind resistance than any other metal frame tent. The hinged construction gives them a slight play which diverts the wind when it strikes.

#3 ¡ª Easily erected over monuments and shrubs without need to assemble tent and then carry it to position.

#4 ¡ª Corner posts will swing in a three-foot circle allowing avoidance of obstacles.

#5 ¡ª Automatically levels itself. No set screws. No tools required to erect.















These Chapel tents require no stakes for erection, as they have a rigid-type frame made from our sturdy structural-steel tubing and cast-steel fixtures; however, stakes are provided for windy weather if the tent is to be left up for any length of time unprotected. Corner guy lines and stakes are also provided. Because the tent can be erected on concrete, it is perfect for use where tents are loaned for weddings and for civic and religious functions. The telescopic posts are adjustable from four to seven feet. This eliminates the most difficult part of the erection, i.e. lifting the entire top and frame from the ground to the full height of the corner posts.

There are no set screws and each unit is fastened by means of pull pins which are fastened to a chain welded to the frame so they will not get lost. Each piece of the frame is interchangeable, and the tent is easily erected by one man.

These Steril Chapel Tents are the original aluminum-frame folding-truss tents with hinged supporting poles and flexible hickory arches. Now they are available with aluminum strip arches as well as hickory. Available in 9 standard sizes, 9 hearse sizes, and two truck sizes.
Rawhide Stand-up Maul ¡ª The Steril velvet Nose Maul is designed to drive both steel and wooden stakes without any injury to the head of the stake. The maul head is malleable cast iron with one face plain for driving wooden stakes and the opposite face has a recessed billet of rawhide for driving iron stakes. A special steel wedge holds the head firmly to a 32" second growth hickory handle. The raised boss on top of the maul head provides a flat surface for the maul to stand on. The maul head is finished in Battleship Gray enamel. Weight - 10 lbs.

Ideal Sidewall Stakes ¡ª 14" long heavy malleable iron with rush-proof finish. Conveniently placed hooks in stake enable it to be used advantageously in any ground condition from frozen to sandy soil.

Steril Corner Pole Stakes ¡ª Mad of extra heavy wrought iron pipe (1 5/8" outside diameter, 27" long). A steel plug is welded into the head of the stake, The driving surface is well rounded and smoothed to reduce the wear on the Steril Velvet Nose maul. Five inches of the lower end of the stake are drawn to an outside diameter of 1" and pointed, making it easy to drive into hard, stony or frozen ground.

Tent Stakes ¡ª Eaton offers steel tent stakes used for guy ropes and oval tent posts, steel stakes used for Hillside frame corner post, and corkscrew stakes.

Drawstring Tent Bags ¡ª Available in three sizes (see sizes/prices below).

Guy Ropes ¡ª 3/8" nylon rope 12" long. Loop in one end. Other end rope end. Set of four pieces.

Pins & Chains ¡ª Straight steel pins. Galvanized chains and rivets 1/4"x2"

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