Shrubgard Frames

Sturdy and attractive “A” frames for protecting delicate plants & shrubs from heavy snow & ice. Made of pressure treated wood frame and tough, woven polypropylene facing. Individually boxed for easy retail.

Rose Gard Pyramid

Complete protection for small bushes
and climbing roses. Features a wrap
around design for easy installation


and an open top to permit ventilation and mulching. Made of a wax corrugated, durable, environmentally friendly paper. Comes fully assembled in its own dispaly in two convenient sizes.


Driveway Markers

A must for driveways in the winter. Available in either red or blue, these markers feature a 4” reflective, all season label securely applied to a white, no-twist reinforced fiberglass rod. Now available in 72” commercial length.


Leaf Tote

A proven seller! Packaged in a see-through poly bag with full-color header for both peg and clip-strip merchandising.

This square of woven polypropylene mesh with sewn poly webbing corner handles make the collection and hauling of leaves, trash and twigs a snap! Also available in traditional burlap.
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driveway markers
shrubgard frames
Leaf Tote
Leaf Tote
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